#LL12 is coming back to sweet home Chicago!

Living Legends 12 | May 17-19, 2019 
Legacy Adventure Park | Lockport, IL - www.legacyadventurepark.com/

FOR EVENT JERSEYS, CLICK HERE ->  https://tinyurl.com/yy7uyuby

Living Legends - the biggest game and vendor turnout of the year - is the "can't miss event" on all paintball player's schedules.  Our CPX Events team cannot wait for everyone to see what Legacy Adventure Park has to offer and all the work they have put into creating an amazing big game venue. 

Fight in legendary battles beside some of the greatest legends of the sport for hours on end.  Check out the beer conference and see how it has grown from just a few people “arguing” over who had the best beer to hundreds of players getting together to try new brews from other parts of the world. 2019 also brings with it the third installment of the Paintball Hall of Fame and giving tribute to those pioneers who paved the road for the sport we love so many years ago and showing them our appreciation for all that they have done.

Tickets for sale below!  See you all in Chi-Town!


Living Legends 12 PRE-REG Tickets

$164.85 $74.90

World Famous Living Legends, the most talked about paintball event in the world, returns to CHICAGO for LL12 - the CAN’T MISS event for 2019. May 17-19, 2019 | Legacy Adventure Park Pre-Registration Pricing -Entry $59.95-Air $14.95-Paint: $69.95 per case. Day of Event:-Entry: $74.95-Air: $14.95-Paint: $74.95 per case


Living Legends 12 GROUP DISCOUNT Multiplayer Package Tickets

$554.55 $449.95

2019 GROUP DISCOUNTS - Living Legends 12 2-Pack: Entry, Air for Two + 5 Cases: $225/person w/ 2.5 cases each, SAVE $100+   ($449.95 total ) 4-Pack: Entry, Air for Four + 10 Cases: $218/person w/ 2.5 cases each, SAVE $200+   ($874.95 total) 6-Pack: Entry, Air for Six + 15 Cases: $216/person w/ 2.5 cases each, SAVE $350+   ($1299.95 total) 8-Pack: Entry, Air for Eight + 20 Cases: $212/person w/ 2.5 cases each,...


Extra Paint - Living Legends 12 PRE REG PRICING

$74.95 $69.95

Purchase extra cases of paint for Living Legends 12