October 5-7, 2018 @ OXCC, Maryland


Endless Legends

October 5-7, 2018

Group Discounts: YES

Venue: OXCC - Chesapeake City, MD

Event Size: 1,000-1,500 Players

CPX Events is beyond excited to announce that Endless Legends II will be held at OXCC Columbus Day weekend – October 5-7, 2018.

OXCC is a 100+ acre super park in Chesapeake City, MD – conveniently located just 45 mins from Philadelphia (PHL) and 1-hr from Baltimore-Washington (BWI) International airports.

Hosted By:

2941 Old Telegraph Rd, Chesapeake City, MD 21915



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Location: OXCC Paintball Park

Chesapeake City, MD

Outdoor Xtreme is quickly becoming the fastest growing Xtreme sports park on the east coast. With over 100+ acres of some of the most unique fields of play available today. Outdoor xtreme has something all ages and all walks of life.

16 Xtreme fields as well as a speedball complex of 8 fields that hosts national events for the PSP make this park the place to be.

2941 Old Telegraph Rd,
Chesapeake City, MD

OXCC Official Website


Endless Legends: Chapter 1

Chapter 1

It’s a seldom talked about fact in our nation’s history that upon the death of our first president, George Washington, that his wife Martha set fire to a second will and testament of the former president and founding father. Recent construction at the Washington’s historical home in Mount Vernon unveiled a hidden box inside a wall. Inside the box workers found a puzzling note written by Martha Washington herself confessing the truth that the will was NOT destroyed upon her husband’s death, and in fact wasn’t a will at all but a map detailing the location of a secret vault containing untold riches as well as proof of two secret organizations. The Illuminati, trying to obtain the map and plunder the contents of the secret vault for themselves. And the Templars, protectors of the vault and it’s secrets.

In the note, Martha shares her understanding of the importance of the map and the need to keep it secret. She tells a tale of passing on the map to her husband’s trusted secretary, Tobias Lear for safe keeping. According to Martha, Tobias had planned on traveling to Valley Forge to hide the map, but as he arrived he and his men were attacked by members of the Illuminati tasked with obtaining the map at all costs. Barely escaping with their lives, he and his stable boy traveled north toward present day Buffalo, NY to to get the map out of the country and to England by ship using the Endless Mountains to hide themselves on their journey. Days later as he boarded a ship bound for England he was ambushed and killed by the Illuminati. Unfortunately for the Illuminati when they searched his possessions and his stateroom aboard the ship they ascertained he was no longer in the possession of the map. They also discovered that Tobias’ stable boy was nowhere to be found. As Martha tells the story, the stable boy had secretly returned to Mount Vernon and divulged to her that they had hid the map on their journey through the mountains. Deciding that the safest choice was to keep the map hidden, Martha with the help of the Templars, set up a series of clues and puzzles that would lead only the worthiest of men and women to the location of the map.

The note’s message was meaningless to most, it read as a sad love letter written by a grieving widow, but to the chosen few, it caused great excitement. At the bottom of the note it read;

“Incipiens Iter Cubilia Wolf”

translated from Latin, “The Journey Begins at the Wolf’s Lair.” The Templars and Illuminati both quickly dispatched teams to the area, in an attempt to secure the map and find the clues that would lead them to the secret vault and more importantly the secrets of contained inside the vault that neither side wanted to be revealed.


RONIN APACHE – Commander

JOE WHITE – Bavarian Stone

ROB RIVERA – Order of Light


TERRY TACCHINO – Milites Tempi

STEVEN RUIZ – Militia Dei